The Whole Damn Point - Joy

What is it that starts us on this path? That sparks something within that inspires us enough to pick up that instrument, wander into the world of performing and dedicate ourselves to making music?


And yet as we become more serious about our craft and get older, we tends to lose sight of this being what used to be the whole damn point.

So why does this happen and what can we do to ensure that our pursuit of bigger and better doesn’t erode the passion that got us here in the first place?

How do you keep how you FEEL about music front and centre?

The Fear of Being Visible (Is There No Off Stage Anymore?)

In the age of the internet, social media and influencers, the hats a musician wears are changing.

We have more accessibility to create and distribute our music than ever before but that also means it's harder to cut through the noise and be heard.

Because of this, many of us are managing our own marketing, promotion and a handful of social media channels - but at what cost?

Is the pressure to be constantly "on" and accessible as a personal brand having a negative impact on both our mental health and our creativity?

How do YOU feel about the pull to be constantly visible, available and across social media as a musician?

Consumption vs Creation

Most of us wish we had more time and energy to get creative. For exploration and investing in our practice and our art.
But where is it all going?

At a time when most of us are living considerably more of our lives online, could it be that this is stretching us thinner and thinner?

Could it be that our tendency to consume and distract is not only adding noise to the space needed for ideas and creativity to flourish but is also preventing us from going deep?

The Dance of Improvement and Expression

What's your favourite flavour of practice?

Are you a Type A striver who likes to knuckle down and do the deep analytical practice? Or do you subscribe to more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-and-let-my-body-do-its-thing practice routine?

And can we have both?

How can we ensure that we train great habits so we can trust that we'll hit the right notes and play without tension in performance? But in the same breath don't get stuck playing music like a paint-by-numbers robot?

This episode explores the dance we must do if we want to get better at our craft while still keeping the joyful expression that is the lifeblood of music alive.

You Are Choosing to Feel Unworthy

I know the title of this episode will probably ruffle your feathers, but please hear me out.

Being a musician is HARD. It's full of rejection, criticism, people telling you "no" and a crisis of confidence every week.

One of the ways we can get through this and not just survive but FLOURISH is to recognise that there are circumstances and facts and then there are our stories around them and what we make those MEAN.

In this episode we explore what the difference is and what it can mean for your sanity and self worth if you can distinguish between the two and CHOOSE AGAIN.

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